Danger signs to watch out for during pregnancy

Danger signs to watch out for during pregnancy

Pregnancy is different for every woman. While some women glow with good health and vitality, others feel absolutely miserable. However, it is important to do consistent and proper check-ups but it si also advisable to take note of these danger signs so so as to be sure of when to contact your doctor ASAP.

Here are danger signs to watch out for during pregnancy

  1. You bleed from your vagina, or you have vaginal discharge that is unusual for you.
  2. Your ‘waters’ leak or break before labour starts or, once they have broken, the fluid is dirty-looking, greenish or brown.
  3. If, once you are regularly feeling your baby move, your baby moves less than usual or you cannot feel your baby move at all.
  4. If, after the first few weeks of your pregnancy, you have pains or cramps in your abdomen (tummy).
  5. Your hands, feet or face suddenly swell.
  6. You have pain or burning when you wee – especially if you also have a fever and a sore back.
  7. You have a very bad headache and this lasts for more than a few hours.
  8. You can’t see well – you have blurry vision or you start to see white lights, flashes or dots in front of your eyes or you have double vision.
  9. You have a fever of over 38°C – you may have a virus, so check with your midwife (or specialist doctor) or pharmacist before you take any medicines. If your fever lasts for longer than a day, check with your midwife (or specialist doctor), or doctor or nurse.
  10. You fall on or hurt your abdomen (tummy) – get this checked, even if you don’t feel hurt or sore.
  11. You are very thirsty but you can’t wee
  12. You start feeling sick and throwing up in late pregnancy – especially if you have pain and a fever.
  13. You itch all over – especially if you have a dark-coloured wee and pale poo

Ensure to Contact your midwife (or specialist doctor) straight away if you have any of the danger signs listed above.

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