Great cover letter tips you should not ignore

Cover letter tips you should not ignore

Cover letters are one-page documents that you send with your resume when applying for a job. It is meant to introduce yourself to the hiring manager.

Think employers don’t read cover letters? You got it all wrong! These small things really do make the difference. Some hiring managers only look at a cover letter because it should give them everything they really want to know about you.

Some hiring managers find resumes boring and they only want to see the good stuff where you really brag about yourself and tell them exactly why they should hire you. That is why an AWESOME cover letter truly is important!

Here are great cover letter tips you should not ignore

  1. Send a customized cover letter for each application you submit.The letter can be similar to other jobs you have applied to, but you want to change the company name and job title in each cover letter. You also want to show that you have done some research on the company and why you would make a great fit.
  2. Make sure you connect the skills and experiences listed in the job description to your actual skills and experiences on your resume. Make it easy for them by highlighting exactly what they are looking for.
  3. Your cover letter should complement, not duplicate your resume. Don’t make it terribly long and just repeat what you have on your resume.
  4. Less is more! Get right to the point. You only need three to four paragraphs with three to four sentences each.
  5. Send as a PDF. It’s cleaner and not every office can read certain doc files.
  6. Have a FABULOUS introduction to make sure they keep reading!
  7. Your cover letter should show that you have done research about what the company does and how you can help them cut costs/increase profits (or whatever your speciality is). Tell them what makes you special.
  8. Complete the statement “I like your company because….”. Compliment the organization on what they have done right and what you admire about them.
  9. Discuss your soft skills and strengths and what makes you passionate about your career and this job that you are applying for.
  10. Show your enthusiasm!! Don’t be boring and make them want to fall asleep!
  11. Sell yourself and talk about all of your awesome achievements!
  12. Keep it conversational and show your personality off!

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